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Book #1085
Muziek & Grafiek: Burgermoraal en muziek in de 16de- en 17de-eeuwse Nederlanden Exhibition Catalogue, Hessenhuis 29 July - 30
October 1994. 160pp, more than 100 b/w plates. Separate 16pp hand typed (original) English guide through the exhibition. Biograpies of artists.
Dust covers. Very good copy
Book #2307
Exhibition catalogue of the Chris Maene keyboard collection, Ghent 19 April - 8 June 2002. Frans Mertens / Chris Maene
130pp, fully illustrated in colour. Flemish, French & English text.
£22.00 (Paper)
BERLIN Germany
Book #1111
Katalog der Streichinstrumente 1975. Catalogue of stringed instruments in Staatliches Institut f�r Musikforschung, Preussischer Kulturbesitz by I.Otto and O.Adelmann. 336pp, b/w line illustrations. German text
This is a new copy however showing some shelf life
£20.00 (Paper)
Berlin Germany
Book #1734
Faszination Klarinette Dieses Buch erschien anlasslich der Ausstellung 'Faszination Klarinette' Musikinstrumenten-Museum SIMPK Berlin,
1. Oktober 2004 bis 27. Februar 2005. Herausgegeben von C. Restle und H. Fricke. 240pp. 104 instruments described, many colour and b/w plates. German text.
Eventhough this book is new, there's a small area of damage to the dust jacket on top right hand corner
Bingham Tony and Anthony Turner
Book #2292
Metronomes and Musical Time. Catalogue of the Tony Bingham Collection of metronomes in the Exhibition AUF TAKT! held in the Museum für Musik, Basel from 20 January to 20 August 2017. 2017. size 210mm by 270mm. 224pp. 400 plates, almost all in colour, including pictures of the 179 metronomes with at least one view of each. This catalogue includes a detailed history of the metronome by Anthony Turner. £40.00 (Paper)

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Book #2249
Catalogue of The Hill Collection of Musical Instruments
in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
2nd printing 1970. London Oxford University Press. 54pp plus b/w plates of 44 instruments. Dust jacket worn at edges and spine, minor foxing, binding tight.
Book #1155
Instruments Royaux / Koninklijke Instrumenten Exhibition catalogue, Musee Instrumentale 28 August 1991 - 31 May 1992 M. Awouters, J. Tilmans, A. Meurant. 59pp, 2 colour & 7 b/w plates. Dutch & French text. Very nice copy, like new £10.00 (Paper)
Book #1208
Musikinstrumente aus Ostbayern (Niederbayern / Oberpfalz) vom 17-19 Jh. Exhibition Catalogue Stadtmuseum 13 November 1992 - 31. January 1993. 176pp, colour & b/w plates. German text £18.00 (Paper)
Book #2306
exotische en oude europese muziekinstrumenten
exotic and ancient european musical instruments
Nijgh & van Ditmar (n.d.) 1962, octavo. 51pp, b/w illustrations. Dutch and English text by A W Ligtvoet.paper covers a little worn, small crease top right hand corner, sellers stamp on title page.
£10.00 (Paper)
Book #2031
Catalogue of the Sir Nicholas Shackleton Collection 2007. Principal author H. Fricke, photography R. Parks, edited by A. Myers. 795pp, fully illustrated, colour photographs. This catalogue documents the achievement of the late Sir Nicholas Shackleton in assembling one of the world's finest collection of musical instruments. This publication gives a detailed description of 880 instruments: 817 clarinets and basset horns, 42 flutes, 6 oboes, 4 bassoons, 3 french horns and 8 other instruments. £55.00
Book #1272
Historisches Museum: Kunsthandwerk im Dienste der Musik: Querflöten aus aller Welt im Wandel der Zeit: Traverse Flutes down the centuries from all over the world: Au fil de temps, Flûtes Traversières du monde entier 1991. Exhibition catalogue by Peter Spohr. 90pp, 30p. of b/w photos including illustrations and descriptions of 101 European and 25 primitive flutes. German, English and French text. £15.00 (Paper)
Book #1398
Royal College of Music Museum of Instruments Catalogue, Part 1, European Wind Instruments 1982. Catalogue by E.A.K. Ridley. 68pp, 84 (of 196 listed) instruments illustrated in b/w £7.00 (Paper)
Book #1402
Musical Instruments in the 1851 Exhibition 1986. Edited by P. & A. Mactaggart. 109pp, line drawings. £18.00 (Paper)
Book #2054
An Illustrated Catalogue of the Music Loan Exhibition Held under the Patronage of His Majesty The King Her Majesty The Queen and Their Royal Highnesses The Prince and Princess of Wales by the Worshipful Company of Musicians at Fishmongers' Hall June and July 1904 London Novello and Company, Limited, 1909. Only Five Hundred Copies of this Catalogue have been printed. 353 + xxiii pp (33 x 25.5 approx, cut), monochrome plates and b/w illustrations. Front and spine wrapper missing. Slight foxing on title page and frontispiece, not affecting the text or image, end paper a little soiled, however this is a very fine copy. £145.00 (Paper)

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Book #2305
EEN BLIK OP...UN REGARD SUR...A VISION ON...PIANOS 2002. Exhibition catalogue of the Chris Maene keyboard collection, Ghent 19 April - 8 June 2002. 130pp, fully illustrated in colour. Flemish, French & English text.
£22.00 (Paper)
Book #1150
Catalogue of the Brass Musical Instruments in the Collections of Bradford Art Galleries and Museums 1991. 34pp, spiral bound. Amongst the instruments described in this catalogue are the following:- keyed bugles; slide trumpets; ophicleides; French horns; bass horns etc.. £10.00 (Paper)
Book #2220
Le Clavier Vivant
The Living Keyboard
Exhibition catalogue 31 mars-29 octobre 2012 Palais Lascaris. R Adelson; A Roudier; Grant O'Brien; M Foussard; M Formentelli; M D Friesen. 68pp, colour illustrations. French and English text.
£15.00 (Paper)
Book #1723
Verzeichnis der Europaiischen Musikinstrumente im Germanischen Nationalmuseum Nurnberg, Band 4,
Klarinetten normaler und hoherer Stimmlage mit 2 bis 9 Klappen.
Beschreibender Katalog by F. P. Bar. 2003. Quellenkataloge zur Musikgeschichte 30.
263pp, b/w plates, line drawings & graphs. German text.
Book #1807
Verzeichnis der Europaischen Musikinstrumente im Germanischen Nationalmuseum Nurnberg, Band 5, Klarinetten normaler und hoherer Stimmlage mit 10 und mehr Klappen. 2004. Beschreibender Katalog bearbeitet von Frank P. Bar. Quellenkataloge zur Musikgeschichte 31. 282pp, b/w plates and line drawings. German text. £90.00
Book #2002
Verzeichnis der Europaischen Musikinstrumente im Germanischen Nationalmuseum Nurnberg. Band 6 Liebesklarinetten Bassetthorner Bassklarinetten Metallklarinetten 2006. Beschreibender Katalog bearbeitet von F. Bar. Quellenkataloge zur Musikgeschichte 32.
294pp, fully illustrated, b/w plates, line drawings, graphs, with detailed measurements. German text
PARIS France
Book #1480
Violins, Vuillaume: un maitre luthier francais du XIX siecle, 1798-1875 Exhibition Catalogue, Musee de la musique, 23 october 1998 - 31 January 1999. 227pp, colour photos & b/w illustrations. French text.
Very good copy, wrappers very slightly worn.
£40.00 (Paper)
Book #2291
Genius Stradivari Exhibition catalogue , Museum Instrumentow Muzycznych w Poznaniu, October-December 2001. P. Cieœlak, J. Jaskulski, J. Kempiñski, A. £apa, M. Tiella, E. Wo³chowska. 137pp, colour & monochrome illustrations. Polish & English text

£30.00 (Paper)
PTUJ Slovenia
Book #1504
Glasbila na Ptujskem Gradu; Instrumentarij Salonov ter Mescanskih in Plemiskih Kapel 1994. Catalogue by D. Koter. 113pp, 6 colour plates and numerous b/w illustrations, Slovenian text £10.00 (Paper)
Book #2265
Sammlung Alter Musikinstrumente bei der Staatlichen Hochschule fur Musik zu Berlin.
Beschreibender Katalog
Im Verlag von Julius Bard Berlin 1922. VI + 383pp (text) + 50pp (b/w plates). Rebound, brown linen boards with gilt lettering on spine. Small private library? paper label on spine. Corners lightly bumped. German text. A rare book
Book #1177
Exhibition of Fine French Bows, Tokyo 2001, 'Celebrated French Bow Makers' Exhibition catalogue by Paul Childs with colour plates of 27 bows with introduction in English and Japanese £25.00 (Paper)
Book #2225
Folklore Museum
Barthiya Lok Kala Mandal
2nd edition 1988. 80pp (non paginated), coloured and b/w illustrations. This being a catalogue of a folk museum it containes besides 7pp of musical instruments, chapters on puppetry, pad paintings and folk deities, dance-dramas etc. English text, small format. Good copy.
£15.00 (Paper)
Book #1575
The Shrine to Music Museum: catalogue of the collections Vol.2. Instruments from Burma, India, Nepal, Thailand and Tibet. 1982, by Th. E. Cross, B.A. 31pp. b/w photos. £10.00 (Paper)
Vermillion (SD) USA
Book #1700
Beethoven & Berlioz Paris & Vienna
Musical Treasures from the Age of Revolution & Romance 1789 - 1848
Catalogue National Music Museum, September 12 - November 2, 2003.
Andr� P. Larson, Ph. D. / John Koster, A. B.
87pp., beautifully illustrated with colour plates.
£20.00 (Paper)
Book #1579
Loan Exhibition of Historic Double Reed Instruments 1988, by Ph.Young. University of Victoria. 91pp, 77 double reed instruments illustrated with descriptions including measurements & details of makers £20.00 (Paper)
Book #2319
Musical Instruments in the C Dayton Miller Flute Collection at the Library of Congress
1982 Volume 1 Recorders, Fifes, and Simple Systems Transvese Flutes of One Key Compiled by Michael Seyfrit 347pp, 273 instruments described in detail, b/w illustrations
Book #2278
Loan Exhibition of Historic Double Reed Instruments University of Victoria (Canada), August 1988. 91pp, 77 double reed instruments illustrated with descriptions including measurements & details of makers £20.00 (Paper)

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